I began my journey into handmade, all natural products for the sake of my children.  Like many other kids out there, they began to show sensitivities to many products in the marketplace.  I scoured the internet and educated myself in order to find items that would aid and not harm.  

During this search, I’ve made many things, not all good.  The good ones, I decided to continue to create and improve upon and offer for sale.  The bad…well, they hit the trash.  I’ve spent a lot of time crafting the few items, that we currently sell, and I’d like to venture out and try new things.  

This blog is about my journey, the trials and tribulations of finding a project and working through to a final product.  


I hope you join me on this journey and please let me know if there are projects you’d like me to explore.  I can be reached at CheriesApothecary@gmail.com