Smells Like Hot Chocolate

I  personally test every batch of soap I make.  For me, it’s one of the benefits of making soap, having a ton of soaps to use.  So far, one of my favorite soap recipes is the one I used for Radiant. While the look of the soap wasn’t one of my favorites, I LOVE the way this soap makes my skin feel.  It has been my go to recipe when I want to soap but don’t know where to begin.

I planned on using the same recipe to make a hot chocolate soap, but I found myself low on sweet almond oil.  I decided to remove it, and replace it with avocado oil.  I kept my fingers crossed that I would get a bar that fulfilled all my needs.  This bar contains coconut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, shea butter, castor oil and cocoa butter.  I didn’t add any additional color, because I believe the hot cocoa scent, will darken  over time…I really hope it does.

I split my oils into two containers.

My oils and butterrs

In one container I added Nature’s Garden Hot Cocoa scent and left the other unscented.

Hot Cocoa from Nature’s Garden smells just  like a hot cup of cocoa!

I then poured the scented oils into the mold.

img_1892 I then poured the unscented oils into the mold at varying levels.  I thought about doing a hanger swirl, but opted not to this time.  I then used the last of my scented oils to place on top, to give a marshmallow topping appearance.  I’ve seen this a lot and hoped to create a similar look.


I really need to get icing bags and tips, so I can make more intricate designs.  One day…  I placed her in a shoe box, then wrapped a towel around her for 24 hours.


When I unwrapped her, I started feeling better.  I could see the color beginning to change.


Above is what she looked like after 24 hours, below is what she looks like today

The smell is super delish.  My daughter is obsessed with this soap.  I think she’s secretly hiding them and giving them to her friends.  If you want a bar, hurry up, I don’t think these will last long.  Use code CAWEB and take an additional 20% off today!!


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