Sometimes You Forget

Last week I made my first soap with honey and it came out fantastic!  It smells great, looks great and most importantly, it feels great.  With that success behind me I decided to make an oat and honey bar. My plan was to make another honey body bar, this time adding colloidal oatmeal and scenting with Mad Oils’ Oatmeal, Milk and Honey.  I wanted to use the natural color of the soap with Mad Oils’ Goldfinger mica to make a caramel-like swirl.

I really do love Mad Oils


Their products have never let me down.  This smells awesome!!


To begin, I pulled all my oils and butters together.  Melted my butters, measured my oils, scent and mica.  I mixed everything together, then added the honey and the scent.  Once that was mixed, I divided the soap and colored half with the Gold Finger mica.  I then poured the natural color into the mold.


I then added the gold finger mica half followed by the natural colored half.  I  then used my hanger to create a beautiful hanger swirl.

As I was swirling my top, I realized I forgot to add the oatmeal!!!


What a palm to the head moment.  All of the hard work and planning and the most important thing forgotten.  Number one lesson here, make sure all of your ingredients are out and front of you, before you begin.

Needless to say I was pretty frustrated with myself.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I had already decided that this year was going to be a learning year.  Mistakes will happen and I just have to role with them.  The good thing, I still have a great smelling, luxurious bar of soap.


If you are interested in trying out this oat free, honey bar, it is available in the etsy store today.  Like always, use code CAWEB and take 20% off of Honey Swirl, and give her a try!



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