Butter & Honey

This week I decided to try my hand at soaping with honey.  I admit, I was a bit timid.  I have seen and read so much, I had a million questions.

  • How much do I add?
  • When do I add the honey?
  • Do I need to freeze my soap?
  • What if I add too much honey?
  • What if I don’t freeze it?

Just a few of my never-ending questions.  I opted to just do it and make the soap already.

I collected all my favorite butters and oils: coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and castor oil.


Once everything was all melted and blended, I added my lye water.  When it hit slight trace, I added the raw, unfiltered honey.

Honey in the middle of the oils and butters.

For this I decided to go with two micas and the soap’s natural color.

Mad Oils Goldfinger Mica and Wholesale Supplies Plus Lapis Blue Mica Powder

The honey increased the acceleration, so it did not flow the way I wanted.  I was able to get her in the mold, use a hanger swirl and create a pretty top.

Ahhhh the beauty of wet soap!

Once out of the mold and cut, I was very impressed.  Scented with Champagne Kisses fragrance oil, this is a light, yet bubbly scent.  LOVE this soap!

Looks a bit purplish here, but its blue.

I test all of my soaps (one of the benefits of being a soaper).  This bar is creamy and ultra moisturizing.  Even with the cold temperatures here on the east cost, my hands are not drying out after washing with this bar.

Butter & Honey is now available in the etsy store.  Stop by and use code CAWEB for an additional 20% off.





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