Dirty Hands

I don’t often get requests from my husband to make anything not edible.  But with my new soaping activities, he did make a request for a mechanic soap.  My husband is a mechanic.  He comes homes dirty, very dirty.  He is often covered in oil, dirt and grime.  The product he was using is a mass produced item, that is effective at getting oil off skin, but it’s very drying.  He asked if I could make something that cleaned his skin, but did not leave his hands feeling dry and rough.  He also requested that it not have any added color or scent.  He wanted it pretty basic.

I did some research and decided to create something with a high percentage of coconut oil for cleaning along with a couple skin loving oils and butters like cocoa butter, sunflower oil, castor oil and palm oil.

All of my butters and oils

For extra scrubbing power I mixed ground pumice with coffee grinds.


Oils + Butters + Lye water + ground pumice and coffee = this cookies and cream looking concoction.

I then poured this into the molds.

These really do look like cookies and cream bars!

They sat in the mold for about 24 hours.  Then I popped them out to thoroughly cure.

My husband couldn’t wait and tried one only after a few weeks.  With baited breath, I waited to figure out if my recipe worked.

He came home from work, with dirty hands and gave them a good scrub.

The verdict: Clean and he said his hands felt moisturized and soft!!  I tried it and love it too.  I keep a bar in the kitchen and will be gifting to all my crafty and gardening friends.

These bars are over 4 oz each and can be found in my etsy store for $5.00 each. Use code CAWEB to take 20% off your order.

Interested in a bulk order? Please send me an email at cheriesapothecary@gmail.com


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