Wake Up Your Face

A few weeks back I blogged about trying to make a coffee scrub.  My original recipe was watery.  I did not like the consistency of it.  Knowing which oils I wanted to use on my face, I went back to the drawing board.

I knew I wanted organic coffee and organic sugar.  Why organic you ask?  Your skin absorbs what you put on it and it’s vital to use the best ingredients you can find.  Since this is a face scrub, I only want to use oils with a low comedogenic rating.  I looked for a rating of 2 or below.

A comedogenic rating is a rating that lets you know if the oil or butter will clog your pores.

0 – Will Not Clog Pores

1 – Low

2 – Moderately Low

3 – Moderate

4 – Fairly High

5 – High

All of Cherie’s Apothecary products that are made for your face, only use oils and or butters with a rating of 2 or below.  No need to clog a pore and create a problem.  Keeping these ratings in mind, I created my coffee scrub using Grapeseed Oil (rating of 2), Calendula Oil (rating of 1) and Aloe Vera gel.

Once the correct consistency was found, we started using it.  I immediately fell in love.  The first night, I washed with Clean Palate, then applied the scrub.  I massaged it on my skin in a circular motion for about 30 seconds, then rinsed.  I followed with a toner, Apple Cider Vinegar Toner Infused with Thyme.  The next day, in the morning, I washed my face with Ola Azul, followed with my toner.  I  use Wake Up Your Face about 2-3 times a week.  I followed this routine for the next 30 days.  My face feels amazing!  My skin is soft, moisturized and tingles!  It literally woke up my face.  I do not need any additional moisturizer.  My daughter and son also love it.  It is not easy to get them to agree on anything, but they both asked me to make sure we never run out of this scrub!

If you’d like to try Wake Up Your Face, check out my etsy shop and pick up jar today for $18.00.  Use coupon code SCRUB for an additional 20% off!!



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