Soapiration Sunday

Happy New Year!!!

I’ve decided to begin this new year by celebrating what inspires me.

Instagram is my drug of choice.  Once I stumbled upon the beauty of homemade soaps, I quickly became hooked.  Spending any downtime I may have looking at pictures of all the gorgeous use of color, themes, shapes…you name it!  Seeing what other soap makers have been able to do, inspired me to give it a try.  If there is a way to combine oils, butter, and colors, there is a breathtaking picture of it on Instagram, ready to blow your mind.

I check my my instagram feed a few times a day.  There are some soap makers out there that constantly leave me in awe.  Not only are their soaps gorgeous, but their presentation is spot on. I’ve decided to share my favorites, #SoapirationSunday.

I’m going to begin with one of the first instagrammers I followed, mimi_and_boo.  Below are just a few of her absolutely beautiful soaps.  What I love about this page is that it’s clean and it’s crisp.  She allows the soap to speak for itself.  For a soap addicted girl like myself, it is just what I need.  Not only are the pictures perfect to lull away from any stress in your day, I also find myself wondering…hmmm can I do that?  So thank you mimi_and_boo, your instagram is awesome!!

A screenshot of mimi_and_boo’s Instagram page.  Isn’t it gorgeous!!

~What inspires you to try something new and different?~


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