Winter Bouquet

Some time back I ordered Brambleberry’s floral fragrance sampler.  It is a set of 11, .5 oz bottles of amazing floral scents (the scents are listed below).  Despite the weather, these beautiful scents inspired me to create a new soap.

Using a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and castor and a few of my favorite colors, I jumped into my new soap.  I decided to try a hanger swirl for  the first time.  You may not know what a hanger swirl is, but I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Just hop on over to Instagram and search #hangerswirl


Using a combination of rosehip jasmine, sweet pea, fresh bamboo and white rose fragrance oil, I created a soft sweet, beautifully floral scent.

Unfortunately, the combination of these scents caused my oils to thicken up quickly.  I wasn’t able to take too many pictures.  Once I got the colors mixed in, it was thick as cake batter!!  I did my best to get it all in the mold.  As you can see, the top isn’t the prettiest.

I wrapped her up tight for 48 hours and then unmolded and cut.

The loaf ends
Despite the tough beginning, these came out beautiful and smell amazing!!

Winter Bouquet is currently available in my etsy store.  Don’t wait too long, only a few left!  Use code CAWEB for an additional 20% off!!

Cherry Blossom
Black Amber and Lavender
Neroli & Shea Blossom
Fresh Bamboo
• Lavender Chamomile (Huggies) Type


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