Playing with Color

This week I decided to clean up my work area and found some clear melt and pour soap base, along with a few colors.  I decided to play around with the two colors.

I melted about 8oz of the base and separated it into two equal containers.  In one measuring cup I added yellow and blue in the other.  My plan was to make two soaps, one yellow with blue swirl and the other blue with yellow swirl.  I poured the yellow into the mold, followed by the blue in a separate mold.  Then I added a little blue to the yellow and swirled with a toothpick.  Unfortunately, that took longer than I expected.  By the time I was ready to pour the yellow into the blue, the yellow had thickened quite a bit.  I peeled what I could out of my pitcher and dropped it into my blue.

Not too shabby.  I kinda like the yellow plop in the blue.

The results after the soaps set.

I actually prefer the blue, with the glob of yellow in the middle.  The yellow came out a bit neon-ish.  Both soaps now happily reside in my bathrooms.  Hopefully guests will enjoy their beauty.


~What do you do with your practice project creations?~


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