Bottom of the Sea

I’ve been seeing quite a few gorgeous soaps on Instagram.  There are some amazing soap makers out there and I have to admit to spending quite a bit of time ogling soaps.

I’ve created one bar soap, so far.  I wanted to make something my 14 year old son would use.  The Charcoal and Peppermint bar was a huge success.  Not only did my son use it, my daughter and husband all raved about it and demanded more.

I decided to work on layering using melt and pour soap.  I started with a shea butter base layer.  I added oatmeal to the shea butter, to give it a sandy look.


Then I added a few sea animals.


I finished with a clear layer, that I dyed blue and scented with fresh cucumber melon.

I had planned to give these to family and friends with small children.  Unfortunately for them my teenagers grabbed them up!  Since this was my first attempt I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ll definitely try this again.



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